Car Wash
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The game "Car Wash" will give you the opportunity to learn how to wash different cars and just have fun. Every day a lot of cars drive on roads that may be water. Some cars stay clean longer than others because they drive carefully, while other cars may become dirty in one day. It all depends on the type of car, such as a tractor that digs the ground all day, so it pollutes faster than a regular passenger car that drives around the city and so on. But in general, all cars sooner or later, you have to drive to the washing station and start washing.

So, the game features more than 20 different cars, among which there is a police car, a tractor, a fire engine, a sports car, a truck, a bus, a jeep and others. You will play the role of an experienced car wash worker who should be able to wash all cars without exception.

Start the game from the very first available car. First you need to clean it from the leaves, then wash with water pressure from dirt, then remove the blots of paint and clean the wheels from dirt. When the machine will shine on cleanliness, it remains only to pump up the wheels and fill the fuel. Every well-washed car brings you the stars you need to open the next car. The more, the better and faster you will wash, the faster you will learn this and you will be able to unlock all the machines, at the end of which even an airplane and an alien ship will be waiting for you. Interesting? Then let's start playing!