Hill Climb Racing Online
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Hill Climb Racing is one of the most exciting races for boys. Meet a young and promising racer named Ralph. He loves traveling and racing like no other. Today, he is going to go on a long journey through various localities, where no other type of transport has traveled. Ralph doesn’t care about the laws of physics and he won’t calm down until he makes the most dangerous upsurges, even on the Moon.

Start the game and experience the adrenaline rises on steep mountains and high-speed driving through humpback areas. You are available to various types of transport, such as: convertible, pickup, bicycle, segway, bus, snow bike and even a tank. Surely you want to ride on each of them. Each type of transport is unique in its own way, for example, a bicycle does not require fuel, and a sports car is very fast. Before the start of races, you can put improvements on each of the modes of transport. Upgrade your engine, wheels and chassis to drive fast and smoothly. You are waiting for different locations for a ride, like: farm, desert, caves, month, alien land, and even the Arctic cave. Select the appropriate type of vehicles for specific areas. Collect coins while driving, buy upgrades and unlock all locations. Good luck!