Kick The Buddy Online
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Kick the Buddy is a new cool game that will help you relieve stress and have a good time making fun of the poor hero of the game. Ahead of you is waiting for a huge portion of adrenaline! The main character of the game will be a rag doll named Buddy. First, in your arsenal there will be only a knife that you can throw at the doll. For each hit, you will earn money. They can be spent on new cool weapons. Earn a certain amount and be able to open not only a new rifle or flamethrower, but even a tank. This way your hits and attacks will be even stronger, and you can make a lot of money in a short period of time. They can be spent on accessories for a Buddy doll: a cap, glasses in the style of steampunk or cool headphones. Now you’ll have a stylish version of Buddy in front of you and you can resume your attacks again. Kick him all you want, the main thing is to make him as painful as possible. Shoot, crush and earn gold coins. Install all open weapons in auto attack mode and start collecting even more coins to buy all kinds of weapons! This game will be a real killer of free time and a cool anti-stress for everyone !. Good luck!