Knife Hit 2
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Knife Hit 2 is a well-known most popular online game with knives, in which a player needs good reaction, agility and speed. The main task is to throw knives into revolving wooden logs in order to break them into small pieces. At each stage you need to throw a certain number of knives to break the wooden deck. Every fifth stage is a boss who is not easy to handle. For the passage of the log boss you will receive exclusive knives. Want to start the knife throwing competition? Then proceed!

How to play?
Each new game attempt begins with the first stage and the very first log. Throw knives quickly so that they stick into a tree one next to the other. The tighter your knives are, the more space is left on the deck for the next throws. Do not forget that the logs are constantly spinning, which means you need to take good aim in order to get into the already stuck knife. Each wrong throw will end your game and after that you need to start all 5 stages from the beginning. The game Knife Hit 2 will certainly delight you with amazing controls, sounds and a variety of different cool knives. Here are just to unlock any of the desired, you have to give a lot of apples that are not so quickly earned. Play and be careful not to hit the knife in the knife or the knife in the spike. Choose the best time for your shots, aim carefully and become a master of knives! Can you beat all the bosses? Let's get a look!